Steptember is a month of walking fun on foot, brought to you by Oregon Walks. Join us.


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Oregon Walks is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to promoting walking* and making the conditions for walking safe, convenient and attractive throughout the Portland metropolitan region.

Oregon Walks conceived Walktober (Steptember’s predecessor) to promote walking as a fun, healthy, ubiquitous activity in the Portland metro region. This is an open calendar, which means that anyone can create, post, and lead a walk. Walks are put on by people like you!

Walktober was developed as the “Pedalpalooza for walking,” and Steptember is the next iteration of that excellent idea. (Thanks to Shift for creating such a great idea!)

Walking in the Portland Region

Everyone is a pedestrian at some point in the day, whether it’s by walking, rolling, or strolling. People walk for a thousand reasons: To get to the bus, MAX, or store, to walk the dog, to commute to work, to spend time with friends, to unwind after a long day, to explore a neighborhood, to get to school, and many more reasons.

Walking groups meet throughout the region. Here are just a few walking groups that we’ve found.

Steptember was created with the hope of helping people throughout the region find new ways to walk, and find places to walk and people to enjoy walking with.


*Please consider “walking” as shorthand for walking/rolling. While everyone is a pedestrian, not everyone walks.

Walk Guide

Your Guide to Leading a Walk

Have an idea for a walk, but not sure how to make it happen? Want to lead a walk, but still need an idea? This guide can help you out.

Anyone can lead a walk. Yes, this means you!

Need an Idea?

Your walk can be about anything. Here are some common themes to get you started:

  • Parks, green spaces, and the great outdoors: The Portland metro region has a wide variety of parks and places to hike or walk. Help others explore your favorite green.
  • Drinking and eating: From a coffee crawl to a sushi stroll, food-filled walks can add deliciousness to walking fun.
  • Hidden gems: Know a place off the beaten track? Perhaps you know the best public staircase in Portland or a cool sculpture in Forest Grove.
  • Local history: Do you know the history of your neighborhood or want an excuse to learn more? Plan a walk that tours places of historical interest, and give a little talk at each stop. (The V for Wikipedia app is a great resource for this.)
  • Hobby: What do you love to do? Teach people to geocache, organize a poetry walk, or lead a photo/walk excursion.
  • Activism: Lead a walkability audit or a crosswalk action. Host a tour of recent successes and walking needs. Describe the goals or needs of your community to others, and invite them to join your efforts.
  • Dress code: Everyone loves a parade! Get out in your get-ups and wave to your passerby fans. (One thought: no transportation mode sets hats to better advantage than walking.)

Practical Considerations

  • Starting location: A good starting location is accessible by multiple transportation options (on foot, by bus/MAX, by bike, by car) at a place where people can chat while they wait. Bonus points for access to a bathroom!
  • Departure time: Some people will show up late. We’re all having fun here, so there’s usually no reason to leave right on time. If your walk needs to be punctual, mention that in the event description.
  • Weather: If your event will happen rain or shine, note that in the description (and suggest an umbrella). It’s a good idea to start an all-weather walk somewhere with shelter, because waiting around in the rain can be a bummer.
  • Conflicting walks: It’s OK to schedule your event at the same time as another walk. However, you may not want to if you’ll both appeal to the same kind of people.
  • Plan a route: Have a map for yourself of the route, and pre-walk it. Because not every pedestrian walks, kindly make your walk/event as accessible as possible. If your walk is not accessible (if it involves stairs or unpaved paths, etc), please note that.
  • Keep people informed, together, and welcomed: Before you leave, give a rough overview of the route you’ll be taking. (If the route is a mystery, let people know that.) It’s generally good to keep the group together. Finally, let people know you’re glad they came on your walk.
  • Food and beverage: Walks that end at a place with food give people a chance to socialize after the event. This can be a BYO food, a potluck, or a cafe/restaurant.
  • Spread the word: After you’ve added your event to the calendar, go ahead and promote it. Telling people in person is most effective. Invite your friends, neighbors, and people you meet on other walks. Share your event on Twitter and Facebook. For bonus points, you can even print out fliers to remind people of your event.

Promote, promote, promote!

The more people who see your walk, the better! Utilize all the networks you have – this can be through social media, or posting fliers, or sharing the calendar by email to people you know, or other websites where people who might be interested would check it out. Below are a few example social media posts, and an example flier if you need inspiration!


Get to know @GatewayGreen! Grab this kids and let’s explore this brand-spanking new interactive park in East Portland! #steptemberpdx #walkwithme Join @OregonWalks and sign up today!

Tweets can be no more than 140 characters long, short and sweet!

Facebook Post:

We are walking all over town this Steptember and are excited to be leading a walk at Gateway Green! If you’re not familiar with this fabulous outdoor paradise, well that could be because it is brand new to East Portland! Gateway Green features cycling, trails, nature watching, park access and is just off the MAX Blue Line!

Meet us there on DATE/TIME at the Gateway stop off the MAX Blue Line. Learn more at

#steptemberpdx #walkwithus #oregonwalks

Make sure to share your Facebook event page (if you have one) with your post! Insert pictures to grab people’s attention.

Sample Flier:

Make Your Walk a Reality

Ready to add your walk? Add it to the calendar. If you’ve got a question that this page doesn’t answer, check with the Calendar Crew.

Add A Walk

Terms of Use

By submitting an event to the Steptember calendar, you agree to the following:

I agree that by leading a Steptember walk, I am voluntarily participating in group physical activities which are potentially hazardous and could cause injury or death. I assume all risks associated with leading a group of people in walking activities which may include: falls, participant confrontations, the effects of the weather, including high heat and/or humidity, traffic and the conditions of the road, and all such risks being known and appreciated by me.
I understand that in order for my walk to be a success, I must promote the walk throughout my networks and the larger community. I will connect proactively with Oregon Walks for language and ideas on how to promote my walk. I understand Oregon Walks will promote this walk through the online calendar and their social media, web presence, and printed calendars, but that their promotion does not guarantee participation.

Add A Walk

FF=Family Friendly, 21+=Adults Only, $$=Bring some money

To add a walk, you’ll need to login with a social network. Click a social media login button below to fill out our event form. If you’d prefer not to login with social media, you can email us the walk info instead. ALL walks emailed must include Date, Starting Time, Duration, Meeting location, Ending location, Description, Organizer contact info.





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